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Infinity Commercial Water heaters the Innovative solution for:

  • Health & emergency services
  • Hospitality & leisure
  • Education
  • Retail buildings
  • Agriculture
  • Process applications


  • Domestic properties
  • Cafes, pubs and restaurants
  • Offices, shops and hairdressers
  • Small industrial units
  • Caravan parks
  • Leisure facilities

Infinity Solo

Gas-fired storage water heater

  • Light Weight- 90kg max (empty)
  • Recovery times less than 25 mins
  • 107% efficient heat generator
  • Extended warranty
  • Standing losses less than 2.3 kWh
Infinity Solo


Rinnai offers both flat plate and evacuated tube connectors, each with specific benefits to suit your application.

Either option will provide years of low maintenance, low cost energy to heat your water.


Space heaters

  • Available for Nat Gas or LPG
  • Fully modulating
  • 80mm flue for neater finish
  • Safer low temperature casing
  • Greater comfort and coverage
  • Time controlled
Space heaters


Remote temperature controllers allow precise temperature control by the user

The water heater will deliver the selected temperature even when the water flow is varied or more than one tap is in use



Courses cover traditional and new technologies, legislation and system design- contact us for training tailored to you!

  • CPDs course available
  • Full / half day or bite size format
  • Fully furnished training centre
  • Mobile training vehicle
  • Renewable system training

Rinnai is proud to be an official Event Sponsor of the FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2015

Rinnai is a global leader in gas appliance manufacturing, striving for reliable and consistent quality. Rinnai specialise in the development of Commercial and Multi-point water heaters.

Rinnai's quest to develop even safer and more convenient products includes constant study of the
fundamentals of obtaining heat from gas.

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