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Welcome to this new website hâ‚‚otechnology. This website has been brought to you by Rinnai UK Limited who are an acknowledged global leader in the manufacturer of gas water heating products.

We have recognised at Rinnai UK that there is a wealth of knowledge and information within the hot water market place, add to this the ever growing build up of legislation which affects the selection and installation of water heating products within our domestic and commercial lifestyles.

Just think for one moment about the number of times in an ordinary day we need useable hot water... in our houses, and places of work such as offices, factories, hotels, shopping centres, and then there are our hospitals with their ever present need for hygiene, not to forget our schools and leisure centres... everywhere, 24 hours a day, our modern living needs hot water.

So, here in one place, Rinnai UK have provided you, the customer, with this information portal, designed to be THE resource for everyone involved in the usage, provision and installation of hot water.
You will find a constantly expanding and evolving library of knowledge and news about the innovation and legislation that affects the way we all look at heating our hot water.

It will allow you to gain and obtain all the details and information you may need to make informed decisions about the provision of your hot water.

Our frequently asked questions section contains some answers to common questions, however, there are many questions arising within the water heating market on a daily basis.

We at Rinnai encourage you, the customer, to ask any question that you may have. Our technical team will do all we can to ensure you receive an objective and informed answer.

We trust that you find this information portal of great use,

Yours Sincerely

Mr Tony Gittings