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Infinity HDC1200e - 48kW Commercial Water Heater

Infinity HDC1200e - 48kW Commercial Water Heater

Rinnai HDC1200e Condensing External Water Heater

The condensing water heater process delivers up to 107% net thermal efficiency, which translates to significant energy savings when compared to their conventional counterparts.

  • Energy efficient -107% net efficiency*
  • Saves space, water, energy and time
  • Limitless application
  • Compact design with internal and weather-proof external models
  • Renewables ready when you are - Suitable for use as a temperature booster forsolar thermal and heat-pump
  • The HDC1200e has the added advantage that the water heater is mounted externally
  • Rinnai commercial condensing water heaters are available in both Natural Gas and LPG
  • LPG commercial water heaters are delivered to site LPG enabled.

* In accordance with BS EN 677

W1200EKM-NAT : Natural Gas Water Heater
W1200EKM-LPG : LPG Water Heater

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Status Monitoring For Easier Diagnostics

The status has three conditions

  1. The water heater is off (no water flowing):The LED is blank
  2. The water heater is on (heating water ):The LED displays the set temperature
  3. The water heater should be on, but is not (water flowing, heater is not on):The LED will flash a diagnostic code

The LED will flash a diagnostic code.

'Rinnai condensing water heaters will never run out of hot water'


Installation External
Fuel Natural Gas or LPG*
Control Modulating
Gas consumption
Natural gas 48.3 kW max
Propane 47.6 kW max
Exhaust type Direct forced exhaust
(No flue required)
Ignition Electronic
Burner Stainless steel
Low NOx Less than 50ppm
Height 723.2mm
Width 470mm
Depth 256.9mm
Weight 31 kg
Water flow rate 1.5** to 35L/min
Minimum operating pressure 1.0 Bar
Noise level 50 db(A)
Gas 3/4 bsp
Water inlet 3/4 bsp
Water outlet 3/4 bsp
Condensate outlet 1/2 bsp
Electrical Supply 230 AC 50 Hz 1ph

* Sperate models available for Natural gas or LPG fuel.

** Minimum flow rate based on temperature set point and inlet conditions.

Additional Information

Gas Usage Nat Gas 4.6m3
Gas usage LPG 3.4kg/hr
Turn down 48.3 - 2.83 kW

HDC1200e as a Solar Booster

The HDC1200e will deliver 13 l/min @ 50˚C Rise using 4.49m³ gas. If we increase the incoming water temperature we get the following saving:

Flow rateEnergySaving on gas
13l/min @ 40°C Rise 38.8kW 21% (1.0m3)
13l/min @ 30°C Rise 27.6kW 40% (2.2m3)
13l/min @ 20°C Rise 18.4kW 61% (3.2m3)
13l/min @ 10°C Rise 9.2kW 81% (4.2m3)

A 20 tube panel will yield approx 1439kW/yr* so a fairly standard arrangement of 3 panels would yield 4317kWh/yr

Consequently this equates to 4317kW free energy or the equivalent of 401.6 m³ gas per annum

*This is based on an installation in Southampton, south facing and an inclination of 45˚

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